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How do Account Aggregators Benefit the End Customers? 

When it’s all about the financial data ecosystem, there is a provocation in the distribution of financial asset details. Financial commodities might not get the full financial view of prospective customers, which restricts them from providing their products or services. That is where account aggregators come into the scene, and aa account online have changed how financial asset data is shared. Let us find out.

What are Account Aggregators?

The account aggregator interface is a very secure, authority-based, and real-time interface that accumulates and gives consolidated data of financial assets. They sort all the financial details of a person, without reserving them, from different FIP or financial information providers, encode them and safely send them to the certified FIU or financial information user.

Working of Account Aggregators

You can download the app on your mobile phone quickly if you want to use the account aggregator platform. Account aggregators like Anumati have a simple and easy-to-use mobile application.

When you have downloaded the application, list yourself on it with your mobile number. You can then find and connect all your financial accounts. Once connected, all the details of your investments and assets will be provided on the account aggregator application.

Advantages of Account Aggregators

Account aggregators give many advantages to customers. Have a look at each of them –

1. Single platform for all your financial data

You might get a mixed portfolio where your investments are assigned different paths. How do you keep a record of your complete portfolio? By verifying each investment individually? What if all are incorporated into one? Wouldn’t it be simpler?

Account aggregators do only that. They yield and give a comprehensive view of all your financial data. You can check your portfolio quickly and keep a record of your assets from one platform.

2. Usefulness

By using AAs, you don’t need to run to gather and share details regarding your financial assets. All you need is the AA account online app on your smartphone.

3. Ease of sharing financial data

Imagine sharing the details of your financial assets online with simple consent! That is what account aggregators do. Rather than printing and submitting your financial asset information to a financial service provider, you can give your consent to account aggregators and securely share the information online in real-time.

4. Quicker loans

Account aggregators can be game changers when it is about the lending environment. With the data shared via AA account online, it gets easier to get loans.

5. Financial service accessibility

You can share your financial details with the service providers. Thus, allowing them to provide you with their services in a simple way.

6. Safety of financial asset data

The safety features increase the account aggregators’ relevance in this online world. Account aggregators cannot observe the data that is being allocated through their interface. Thus, your details are safe.


So, download the AA account online app by Anumati and make your data sharing easier, safer, and quicker.

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